Looking for your comments and ideas!

NASA's Planetary Science Division is seeking community input on the potential planetary science that could be achieved from a stratospheric balloon observatory. A workshop to discuss platform capabilities, recent balloon missions for other NASA SMD divisions, and potential science was held at NASA GRC in late January. Efforts to date have resulted in over 40 concepts for planetary science that this platform may perform.

The next phase of this effort is to solicit review and comments from the broader planetary community. Your participation is crucial to ensure that the ideas put forward are the best they can be and are reflective of the needs and desires of the broad planetary community.

What we need from you?

Below you will find Science Concept Information Sheets (SCIS) for each idea that has been proposed to date. Please review the sheets relevant to your science interests and provide comments and/or suggestions to the information presented. Some concepts have more definition and fidelity than others so any additional detail that you can provide will be very welcome. The SCIS you download should already have the "Track Changes" feature on so when you save and up load your marked document back to the website (using the provided tool) we will have your inputs.

You will also find an Excel spreadsheet that lists the key features of each idea and organizes the whole effort by target. It is a tool to capture the breadth of what this platform may provide. Comments to the structure of the spreadsheet are welcome. Comments to individual cells should be made on the SCISs, as that is where the data in the spreadsheet comes from.

New ideas: We know that not all ideas have been captured, so we are hoping, and expecting, additional science concepts to be provided during this effort. If you have an idea that is not covered please use one of the existing SCIS as a template and write up your concept in as much detail as possible. Please include your contact information so we can get a hold of you if we have any questions. You may also request help to refine your idea by sending an email to Tibor.Kremic@nasa.gov.

When do we need your inputs?

We've scheduled the entire month of April for community review and comment so please upload all you inputs by COB Monday, April 30th.

Other Items

The balloon workshop website, which contains the presentations and other materials used during the workshop.

Finally, here is some reference information on atmospheric factors at various altitudes.

How this information will be used?

Once we have all the inputs, we will present the NASA PSD with the final SCISs, and related documents along with a short summary report. These will be made available online to the community as well.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions!!!

Science Concept Information Sheets (SCIS)

Summary Spreadsheet

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