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Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets

Current Outline

(Where available, chapter titles are linked to an outline of the chapter)

Foreword Bill Nye

Part I: Foundations

1. Climate Physics 101:  The Earth Jim Hansen
2. Venus:  Atmosphere and Climate Overview Mark Bullock
3. Mars:  Atmosphere and Climate Overview Scot Rafkin
4. Titan:  Overview of a Terrestrial World Caitlin Griffith
5. Exoplanet Climates Shawn Domagal-Goldman and Antigona Segura
6. The Origin of Terrestrial Planet Atmospheres Kevin Zahnle

Part II: The Greenhouse Effect and Atmospheric Dynamics

7. The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Feedbacks Curt Covey
8. Planetary Atmospheres as Heat Engines Gerald Schubert
9. Earth General Circulation Models Tim Dowling
10. Global Climate Models of the Terrestrial Planets Francois Forget and Sebastien Lebonnois
11. Chemistry of the Atmospheres of Mars, Venus, and Titan Vladimir Krasnopolsky
12. Atmospheric Circulation of Terrestrial Exoplanets Adam Showman

Part III: Clouds, Hazes, and Precipitation

13. The Role of Clouds and Hazes in Planetary Climate Larry Esposito
13a. Mesospheric Clouds on Mars and Earth Anni Määttänen
14. The Effects of Aerosols on Atmospheric Dynamics Nilton Renno
15. Landform Evolution Due to Precipitation Zibi Turtle
16. Clouds and Hazes on Planets Around Other Stars Mark Marley

Part IV: Surface-Atmosphere Interactions

17. Chemical Cycles in the Earth’s Climate System Colin Goldblatt
18. The Effects of Impacts on Terrestrial Planet Climate Teresa Segura
19. Comparative Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Record on Earth, Mars, Titan, and Venus John Grotzinger
20. Mantle Convection and Outgassing on Terrestrial Planets Adrian Lenardic
21. Planetary Magnetic Fields and Climate Evolution Dave Brain

Part V: Solar Influences on Planetary Climate

22. Orbital Effects on the Climates of Terrestrial Planets Aaron Zent
23. Early Evolution of Luminosity of Main-Sequence Stars TBD
24. Solar Total and Spectral Variability and Its Impacts on Earth Climate Jerry Harder
25. Atmospheric Loss from Terrestrial Planets Feng Tian
26. Planetary Climate and the Search for Life David Des Marais


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