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Submission Form: Course Description

This form is designed to submit a course description. The goal of this description is to allow people interested in teaching a course to see how similar courses have been constructed. We ask that you provide substantial information about the course, its targets and goals, philosophy, etc. This information allow users to find the course that is most similar to their needs.

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Course Level

About the Course

Please briefly describe the context of this course, including the nature of the student body and the role of this course in the curriculum and your school.

For example:
"This is an introductory course with no pre-requisites and does not serve as a prerequisite for other courses. Typically, 50% of the students take the course as pre-service elementary teachers, and 50% of the students take the course to satisfy a general education requirement. The course has an optional lab. Students who decide to major in astronomy must take a subsequent course in intro astronomy."

Please briefly describe the content covered in this course, including fundamental concepts covered, and skills developed.

For example:
"The Planetary course focuses on comparative planetology and also covers topics in solar system formation, planetary atmosphere, and planetary geology. The course include 8 labs that model how scientists use remote sensing data to learn about our solar system. Students make observations and interpretations during field experiences and as the term progresses take on more independence."

Design of the Course

What are the main features of your course that help your students achieve the learning goals? (For example, the course format or a critical assignment)

An example response: This course has a three-week capstone project where students apply the astronomy they"ve learned so far to research the current state of understanding of a solar system body. To do this, students use authentic NASA mission data. The final assignment is a presentation about their findings.

Why did you choose this particular design? How is it particularly appropriate for your teaching style, your setting, or your students?

How do you assess the degree to which students have reached the goals for this course?

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Helio Science

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