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Integrated Geospatial Education and Technology Training - Remote Sensing (iGETT-RS)

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iGETT-RS was recently funded with a grant from the National Science Foundation to the National Council for Geographic Education. (DUE ATE #1205069). The project offers 18 months of professional development that will enable Geographic Information Systems (GIS) instructors to integrate remote sensing data and concepts in ways that support workforce needs. iGETT-RS builds on the success of the first iGETT project (2007–2012), and iGETT-RS participants will join an active Community of Practice established during that time.

iGETT-RS is a multi-year collaboration by the National Council for Geographic Education, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Land Remote Sensing Program, and the GeoTech Center. Faculty interested in submitting an application will benefit from visiting the iGETT website.

Who may apply, and what college resources and support are required?: Faculty who currently teach GIS at US high schools, two-year colleges, and universities are eligible to participate in iGETT-RS.  Priority will be given to applicants from two-year colleges (28 participants) and from high schools (4 participants) and universities (4 participants) interested in developing career pipelines that include two-year colleges.


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First Name:Renee
Last Name:Frappier
Institution:UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory