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Moon 101

Type of Activity:

  • Student Guide
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Brief description of the activity and its strengths:

Moon 101 is a guided inquiry activity designed to introduce students to lunar science and exploration. This activity guides students through lunar science articles and examines lunar data sets and may be used as a preface to student lunar research projects.



Type and level of course in which you would use this activity:

The Moon 101 activity is the first task completed by high school students participating in the High School Lunar Research Projects program. This program is part of the Lunar and Planetary Institute's education efforts with the NASA Lunar Science Institute.

Skills and concepts that students should have mastered before beginning the activity:

A basic knowledge of geologic processes including volcanism, tectonics, and impact cratering, as well as practice in interpreting spacecraft images, is helpful, but not necessary.

How the activity is situated in its course

This activity is completed before students begin their research. It is meant to be a primer on lunar science and can also help students narrow down a research topic.


Moon 101 is a guided inquiry activity intended to familiarize students with lunar science concepts including the formation of the Moon and the evolution of the Moon's surface, and to introduce old and new lunar data sets (visual imagery). After completing the readings, students examine three images of the lunar surface then create and present a PowerPoint presentation in which they characterize the geologic features seen in the images and discuss the relative ages of the features.


A pre and post assessment has been developed to measure gains in student knowledge of lunar science.

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Links to readings and websites necessary to complete Moon 101 can be found at

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