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Undergraduate Student Instrument Project Educational Flight Opportunity (Q&A Telecon Jan. 17; Proposals Due April 5)

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The NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) has released this Undergraduate Student Instrument Project (USIP) Educational Flight Opportunity (EFO) to solicit U.S. university proposals to develop an Earth or space science payload that will fly on a NASA suborbital vehicle, such as a sounding rocket, balloon, aircraft, or commercial suborbital reusable launch vehicle. This EFO is intended to provide multidiscipline undergraduate student teams an exciting hands-on project, while at the same time promoting the technical and project management skills necessary to train the country’s future science and technology leaders.

The maximum funding available per project, including the design, development, and testing of the science payload, is $50,000. The science payload funding may be supplemented with contribution by the implementing university; however, there are no expectations as to the amount of the university contributions. The selected projects must be launched or flight-ready within 13-16 months from the project initiation date. SMD expected to select approximately 15-20 projects, subject to available funding. 


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First Name:Renee
Last Name:Frappier
Institution:UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory