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AESP: Aerospace Education Services Project

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AESP is NASA's longest running K-12 education project, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011. The program connects America's space agency with K-12 education. AESP serves the entire United States by providing educator professional development. Penn State University administers the project for NASA and contributes education resources and research to the program.

AESP Education Specialists are experienced educators who are based at NASA's ten field centers and are broadly knowledgeable about NASA's missions, programs, and education resources. Education Specialists travel to school districts, colleges and universities, science centers, regional education service centers, and similar sites. There they deliver professional development to in-service or pre-service teachers and other educators at no cost to the host. AESP is building a national network of professional development partnerships across the country and the number is growing


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First Name:Renee
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Institution:UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory