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Music Inspired by Astronomy: A Resource Guide Organized by Topic

Target Audience:

  • Faculty / Instructors
  • K-12 Teachers
  • Undergraduates
  • Other (Amateur astronomers, the public)

Brief description of the resource guide and its strengths:

This annotated resource guide by Andrew Fraknoi presents 133 pieces of music inspired by astronomical ideas, discoveries, or history, organized in 22 subject categories. 



A new annotated resource guide, presenting 133 pieces of music inspired by astronomical ideas (organized into 22 subject categories,) has just been published in the on-line journal Astronomy Education Review. 
Both classical and popular music are included, and a short appendix lists a number of astronomers who have recorded songs and self-published them.  If you can't immediately name the six songs that include valid information or ideas about black holes, this is the list you want to consult. (Please note that only music available on CD is included, so that educators who want to use some of these in the classroom can purchase a legal copy.)

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First Name:Andrew
Last Name:Fraknoi
Institution:Foothill College