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Science Fiction with Good Astronomy and Physics: A Topical Resource Guide

Target Audience:

  • Faculty / Instructors
  • K-12 Teachers
  • Undergraduates
  • Other (Amateur astronomers, the public)

Brief description of the resource guide and its strengths:

This resource guide catalogs science fiction stories and novels that are based on reasonable astronomy and physics, organized by topic, such as Mars, Black Holes, Time, etc.



This selective list includes short stories and novels that use more or less accurate science and can be helpful for teaching or reinforcing astronomy or physics concepts. Both traditional "science-fiction" and (occasionally) more serious fiction that derives meaning or plot from astronomy or physics ideas are included. The guide is organized by topic, so that you can easily find a story to recommend if you are teaching about a particular branch of astronomy.  These may be useful for students to analyze in a paper, discuss in small groups, or read for extra credit.

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