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OSIRIS-REx Presents 321Science

Type of Activity:

  • Other (Short, fast-draw videos about asteroid science and the OSIRIS-REx mission)

Brief description of the activity and its strengths:

321Science is a series of short videos launched on YouTube. A multi-disciplinary team of communicators, film and graphic art students, teens, scientists, and engineers produces one video per month about asteroids and the OSIRIS-REx mission. This format engages all members of the public but especially younger audiences in science and the mission and explains sometimes difficult science concepts in understandable ways - highly effective for multiple audiences.



Type and level of course in which you would use this activity:

These products can be used in any level course in which the instructor wants to complement his/her presentation of material about asteroids and planetary exploration.

Skills and concepts that students should have mastered before beginning the activity:

Varies by video, but they are designed for little to no mastery other than very basic knowledge about the Solar System.

How the activity is situated in its course

This can be used during lecture (or lab) to explain a concept or provide information about the mission. For example, the video about the Yarkovsky effect can be used to complement for example a more detailed mathematical model presented in class.  


In this activity, students watch short, engaging videos which explain sometimes difficult concepts. The goal here is not for students to have an exhaustive or in-depth understanding but to have an introductory or complementary presentation which provides the "basics" and inspires them to learn about the topic in more depth.


N/A - these are created as public engagement materials. [We would welcome evaluation by teachers using the materials.]

Supporting references and/or URLs

Muller, D.A. (2008) Designing effective multimedia for physics education.
YouTube science videos: Minute Physics, Minute Earth, Veratasium, asapScience, sauce, SciShow, and others.

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First Name:Anna
Last Name:Spitz
Institution:University of Arizona (OSIRIS-REx Mission)