Extremities:  Geology and Life in Yellowstone and Implications for Other Worlds


The Wildlife in Yellowstone was fantastic - a Pleistocene Park. Large mammals wandering free, small mammals unfettered. Lots of bird life. Wish we could have seen more!

Bison Herd
Bull Bison

Herd of bison, camped out in the grass along the Yellowstone River.
Bull bison, doing what bison do best. Do not honk your horn at him, or he will charge at your car. The bison will not be damaged. Your car will, and you will get a Federal ticket for annoying the wildlife.
Only Looks Gentle
Bad to the Bone

Ferocious marmot lurking in wait for unsuspecting human prey at Sheepeater Cliff.
Ferocious marmot tells of vanquishing the invading human female. Thereafter, the human was called "Runs From Marmots."

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