Charting the Planets (EB-111, 1992)
Lesson plan for interpreting characteristics of planets by using information in charts. Charts, activities, and additional resources given. (7th grade and up, 8 pp. Free.) Source = SpaceLink.

Discovering Jupiter (PAM-540)
Description and color photos of Jupiter. Also includes information on missions to Jupiter and a fold-out poster. (Free.) Source = SpaceLink.

Discovering Mars (PAM-537)
Description and color photos of Mars. Also includes information on missions to Mars and a fold-out poster. (Free.) Source = SpaceLink.

Discovering Saturn (PAM-541)
Description and color photos of Saturn. Also includes information on missions to Saturn and a fold-out poster. (Free.) Source = SpaceLink.

Earth, Sun, and Moon--Rotation and Revolution (1994)
Activity book teaching the motion of these three bodies and their effects on Earth. Reproducible worksheets, games, and poster. Additional Information. (Grades 3-6, 17 pp. $5.95.) Source = EVAN.

Lunar Explorers Digest Book List
This list covers books about the Moon and the lunar missions. Includes a rating system and some reviews. The books range from technical to fiction. Categories include, Science, History, Exploration, and Education. (All educational levels.) Source = International Lunar Exploration Working Group.

Origins of Life In the Universe (FS-1997-01-003-HQ-S)
Discussion of the possibilities of life on other planets and elsewhere in the universe. Also describes plans for future missions with the objective of discovering evidence of such life. Source = ORIGINS.

Our Solar System at a Glance (NP-157, 1991)
Information about the Sun and planets. Summarizes spacecraft exploration of the solar system. Includes black-and-white photos and charts. (High school, 33 pp. Free.) Contact the Teacher Resource Center at the NASA field center serving your area.

Our Spectacular Solar System (1995)
Activity book and kit. Includes bulletin board punch-outs, reproducibles, teaching guide, "make it and take it" books, and patterns. Additional Information. (K-3, 96 pp. $14.95.)
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The Planets (1994)
Activity book on planets. Includes posters, reproducibles, games, lecture notes, and worksheets. Additional Information. (Grades 1-3, 17 pp. $5.95.) Source = EVAN.

Seeing the Sky:  100 Projects, Activities, and Explorations in Astronomy (1990), by Fred Schaaf.
Activities for observing the Moon, planets, stars, sunsets, twilights, blue sky, light pollution, meteors and comets, rainbows, halos, coronas and glories, eclipses, and elusive glows. Includes line drawings and charts. (Junior high and up, 212 pp. Paperback, $18.95.) Source = Multiple.

Sharing the Sky; A Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Astronomy (1997), by David H. Levy et al.
This is a guidebook to introducing young people to astronomy. It includes basic information on telescopes, observing, and record keeping. Additional information includes background and historical information, and how astronomy relates to events on Earth. (308 pp. Paperback, $18.95.) Source = Multiple.

StarDate Guide to the Solar System
Offers information and images on the planets, satellites, and other bodies of the solar system. Also includes instructions for making observations and some student activities. Additional Information. (One free copy per teacher; call 512-471-5285 for details.) Source = U. Texas.

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