The Astronomical Society of the Pacific Catalog
Offers charts, videos, posters, activity books, books, kits, models, globes, and slide sets. Online Version. (Print version issued yearly.) Source = ASP.

NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE)
Serves as the distribution center for NASA-produced educational materials. Provides a way of getting materials without visiting a NASA Educator Resource Center. Items are sold at cost. Includes videos, slides, CD-ROMs, and more. Online Version. (Print version available yearly.) Source = CORE.

NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Education Catalog
This catalog provides information about NASA-wide Earth science education programs and resources for elementary through university levels. Contact the Educator Resource Center at the NASA field center serving your area. Also available for downloading from NASA ESE.

NASA Johnson Space Center Film/Video Catalog
Listing of videos available to check out, published annually. Teacher guides accompany some films. Source = MSC.

NSTA Special Publications Catalog
Catalog with Earth and space science materials. Online Version. (Print version also available for free.) Source = NSTA.

Sky Publishing Catalog
Catalog of a wide variety of items of interest to the amateur astronomer, from beginners to the more experienced observer. Bulk discounts are available for educators on some items. Online Version. (Print version also available.) Source = SKY.

Sky and Telescope Astronomical Directory
Listings by state of astronomy clubs, bulletin boards, hotlines, observatories, museums, planetariums, dealers, and manufacturers of space-related materials. Online Version. (Print version issued yearly in September, $1.00.) Source = SKY.

Updated - 4/24/02

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