For items on this list available from the producer/publisher or with only a single known source, contact information is supplied along with, if available, a link to that source or more information about the item. Items where "Source = Multiple" are more generally available and purchasers will want to "shop around" for the best deal. Some Shopping Suggestions.

Astronomy Village (1995)
This multimedia program, targeted for a 9th-grade class, includes 10 investigations covering a broad range of current research in astronomy. The complete package includes the CD-ROM, a teacher's guide, and an introductory videotape. Additional Information. (Grades 9 and up; Macintosh only; $24.00.) Source = CORE.

Craters! (1995)
This title, which includes a book and a CD-ROM, takes a multiscience approach to cratering and impacts. Provides 20 classroom-tested activities supported by a CD-ROM with images of terrestrial and solar system impact sites. Additional Information. (Grades 9-12; Windows and Macintosh; $24.95.) Source = NSTA.

Distant Suns 5.0 (1998)
Displays the night sky above any location and with named constellations. Includes images, movies, a simulated landing on Mars, and much more. Additional Information. (Grades 7 and up; Windows only; $34.95.) Source = Multiple.

Explore the Planets (1995)
Designed for the classroom, this CD presents material comparing the geology of the planets using graphics, animation, and audio interviews. Particular attention is paid to the processes that sculpt planetary surfaces, such as volcanism, impact cratering, and erosion. Additional Information. (Material for grades 3-6, 7-12, and college; Macintosh and Windows; $59.00.) Source = TASA.

Exploring Our Solar System
Explores each planet in the solar system in detail as well as such topics as the origin of the solar system and life on other planets. Includes a teacher's guide. (Ages 8-15; Windows and Macintosh; $49.95.) Source = Multiple.

For All Mankind
This CD contains the complete documentary film of the same name by Al Reinert on the Apollo program. In addition, it includes a wide variety of related information such as maps, diagrams, astronaut biographies, and still images. Additional Information. (Grades 3 and up; Windows and Macintosh; $39.95.) Source = Multiple.

Mars VR
This interactive CD contains a variety of information about Mars, the Pathfinder spacecraft, and the landing site. Includes images, video clips, virtual reality scenes, and more. Additional Information (Windows and Macintosh; $39.95.) Source = Multiple.

Mars Navigator
This CD-ROM introduces basic astronomy and aerospace engineering by examining the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Global Surveyor missions to Mars. Includes six interactive laboratories to help understand such topics as the motion of planets and mission design. Additional Information. (Junior high and up; Windows and Macintosh; $12.00.) Source = See Additional Information.  [Educators can get a free copy by sending an e-mail request to].

Mars Pathfinder CD-ROMs
This CD-ROM contains 2 snapshots of the Mars Pathfinder mission website, one at the time of the landing and the other at the end of the mission. Although the information is no longer being updated, there is still much on the CD that could be useful for a unit on the mission. Additional Information (Macintosh and Windows; $7.95.) Source = JPL.

Mars VE: The Virtual Exploration Mission
Using this interactive CD-ROM, students learn the basic concepts of space exploration by exploring four Mars landing sites. Includes a teacher's guide, student logbook, and additional activities. Additional Information (Grades 5-8; Macintosh and Windows; $5.00.) Source = CORE.

Multimedia Space Explorer (Version 3.0)
The focus of this CD is space exploration. It covers both manned and unmanned exploration from 1949 to 1995 using images, video, and plenty of text. This latest edition includes links to mission websites for up-to-date information. (K-12; Windows only; $29.95.) Source = Multiple.

Nine Worlds (1996)
Explores our solar system with images, illustrations, animation, and full-motion video. Includes narration, interviews with astronomers, and access to a dedicated website for additional information and features. Additional Information (Macintosh and Windows; $39.95.) Source = Multiple.

Our Solar System
Produced in cooperation with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the U.S. Geological Survey, this CD provides basic data and descriptions of the bodies in our solar system. Includes narration and a glossary of terms. Additional Information. (Windows and Macintosh; $29.95.) Source = Multiple.

Planetary Images (1997)
This CD-ROM contains more than 200 images of planets, satellites, moons, asteroids, and comets. Images are from NASA, ESA, and Russian planetary missions and have accompanying captions. Additional Information. (K-12; Macintosh and Windows; $10.00.) Source = NSSDC.

Return to the Moon 2.0 (1995)
This CD focuses on the exploration of the Moon, including past, recent, and future missions. It contains information, imagery, and even some sound clips on all lunar missions. Also includes a lunar-landing simulator and the capability of creating customized presentations. Additional Information (Junior high and up; Windows only; $29.95.) Source = Multiple.

SIR-C Education CD-ROM (Version 3)
Spaceborne Imaging Radar missions prelaunch educational CD package includes teacher's guides, lesson plans, and presentation materials. Has radar images, shuttle images, and maps. Includes software. Additional Information (Windows and Macintosh; $11.00.) Source = Multiple.

SL9: Impact '94; Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9/Jupiter Collision (1994)
A collection of files related to the event, including hundreds of still images, observational reports, video sequences, and technical information. Additional Information (K-Adult; Windows and Macintosh; $39.00.) Source = Multiple.

3-D Tour of the Solar System
Contains nearly 150 3-D images of the planets, their satellites, and the Sun. Most of the images are accompanied by tables of scientific data and brief geological descriptions. Additional Information (High school and up; Macintosh and Windows; $25.00 + S&H.) Source = LPI.

Views of the Solar System (1996)
In addition to providing the basic facts on planets and a history of space exploration, this CD includes a variety of lesson plans and suggested classroom activities. Additional Information. (Grade school and up; Windows and Macintosh; $21.95.) Source = NSTA.

Voyage to the Outer Planets (1995)
This two-volume set includes more than 2,000 Voyager images along with slide shows of the planets visited by the spacecraft and a video. The best feature, however, is the browser, which can be used to index and search the CD-ROMs of NASA's full set of images for Voyager missions. Additional Information. (Windows only; $29.95.) Source = See Additional Information.

Welcome to the Planets (Version 1.5)
Contains more than 200 images of the planets and their satellites, comets, asteroids, meteorites, lunar samples, and spacecraft. Descriptive captions are provided for the images and this latest version also includes a curriculum guide. Additional Information (K-Adult; Windows and Macintosh; $36.00.) Source = NSSDC.

Winds of Change
This product is designed as a curriculum resource for middle-school teachers focusing on the topic of the Earth's global climate. It contains 136 classroom activities in addition to images, videos, animation, and background information. Additional Information. (Middle-school grades; Macintosh and Windows; free to educators.) Contact the Educator Resource Center at the NASA field center serving your area.

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