To purchase a NASA video, contact CORE. If you have the ability to copy them yourself, since all NASA films are public domain, you can borrow titles from Media Services Corporation at the Johnson Space Center. A couple of NASA video catalogs are available online.

The NASA Video Catalog Online       The JPL Video Catalog Online

For Earth-science-related videos, there's no place better than USGS's library in Menlo Park California. Many videos are public domain, so you can copy them yourself. Call Mike Moore at 415-329-5009.

Apollo 11 and the Apollo Program
Covers the epic flight of Apollo 11 and man's first steps on the Moon. Recounts each of the Apollo flights and the Apollo Program as a whole. (VHS; Order #X3361119VH; 56 minutes, $25.95.) Source = PLP.

Blue Planet:  An IMAX Film
Luscious footage of Earth taken from shuttle missions. Earth as a planet is discussed, including ecosystems and the problems of pollution. (K-Adult, $30.00.) Source = CORE.

Earth-Sun Relationship (1974)
Animated film depicting how our Sun and planets were formed. (K-3rd grade, 6 minutes.) Source = MSC or CORE.

Mars--Past, Present, Future: The Complete Story of the Red Planet (1998) 
Includes a spectacular and detailed view of Mars and describes past, current, and future missions to the planet. Concludes with a history of Mars observations over the centuries. Additional Information. (VHS; 46 minutes; $24.95.) Source = FINLEY or CORE.

Meteorites (1993)
Vol. 1:  Menace from the Sky; Vol. 2:  Witnesses from Beyond the Times
Meteorites are used by scientists to discover solar system origins and the birth of stars. Includes mission images, computer animation, panning of photographs, visits to ancient crater sites, and interviews with scientists. Tapes total 84 minutes. Additional Information. (High school level; $29.95.)
      Acorn Media Publishing distributor
      Phone:  1-800-999-0212

The New Solar System (1996) 
Featuring the most complete collections of visuals available, this program takes veiwers on a complete tour of the solar system, and includes a comet crash on the planet Jupiter. (VHS; 60 minutes, $25.00.) CORE.

On Robot Wings: A Flight Through the Solar System (1992) 
Uses NASA imagery to simulate flying over the surface of planets like Venus and Mars and Uranus' moon Miranda, as if onboard a spacecraft exploring these bodies. Includes imagery of Gaspra. (VHS; 30 minutes, $25.00.) CORE.

Our Solar System (1992)
Teaches the names, orbital positions, and characteristics of planets in our solar system in English, Spanish, sign language, and open caption. Running time of 5 minutes for each language. (K-3rd grades; VHS; $10.00.) CORE.

Planet Mars (1979)
The story of the human quest for answers to questions about Mars. From telescopic views to flybys and the Viking robot lander, the story unfolds. Running time of 28 minutes. (4th grade and up.) Source = MSC or CORE.

Reading the Moon's Secrets (1976)
Ten aspects of the Moon that we have learned about from Project Apollo missions. Teacher's guide included. Running time is 16 minutes. (7th grade and up.) Source = MSC or CORE.

Solar System Exploration Videotape Collection (1992) 
Presents a collection of highlights from multiple missions including the Voyager, Magellan, Galileo, and Ulysses missions. Comes with a teacher's guide. (Grades 8-12; 75 minutes, $24.00.) CORE.

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