Education Resources Catalog
Resources and specific items useful in the
teaching of astronomy, planetary and space
science, and Earth science currricula.

This catalog is based on a print version that appeared in the September 1995 issue of Earth in Space published by the American Geophysical Union "for teachers and students of science." This version has been updated, and the scope of materials has been expanded somewhat from that initial offering.

The materials in this catalog are for grades K-12, free or low cost (almost no items over $50), and focused strongly on NASA and NASA-related outreach programs and materials. Preference is also given to products developed with the help of NASA or using NASA data and items that include an educational component such as teacher guides or classroom activities.

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This catalog consists of a number of files that group individual items in broad categories by type of material. Each file contains specific items of interest along with a brief description and links to additional information (if available). Select the file or category of material you wish to see from the list at the left.

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Updated - 6/04/02

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