Lunar and Planetary Institute

Education and Public Outreach

What We Do

The Lunar and Planetary Institute has a long — and strong — tradition in space science education and outreach. Our programs involve a wide variety of audiences, including K–12 students and educators; undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students; and the public in formal and informal venues and on the local, regional, and national levels. Our education and public outreach programs strive to:

Engage the community in the exploration of space science and the process of science in an effort to create an educated public and to generate future space science explorers.

Develop a diverse portfolio of current, content-rich, high-quality, space science educational programs and resources, organized within compelling space science themes, and presented in a learning environment that meets the needs of the intended audiences.

Partner with other organizations to develop, evaluate, and disseminate exciting programs and products.

Facilitate the sharing of space science knowledge and the process of science among researchers, educators, and the general public in a way that leverages and respects the resources of the Lunar and Planetary Institute, the Universities Space Research Association, NASA, and the space science community.

We invite you to explore our programs and products through the Web pages. For more information about the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Department of Education and Public Outreach, please contact us at