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Explore! To the Moon and Beyond was developed through a generous grant from NASA’s Education Directorate through their
NASA Explorer Institute Program

Continued support by the
Exploration Systems Mission Directorate’s Education Program

has made training workshops possible.

To the Moon and Beyond is a special Explore! module.  It is connected directly to a current and exciting NASA mission — The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Mission — that will explore our Moon and gather data to help prepare the way for future lunar expeditions. To the Moon and Beyond was developed through a collaboration between the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s (LPI) Department of Education and Public Outreach and the LRO Education and Public Outreach team and LRO scientists and engineers.

Lunar and Planetary Institute
Module Development and Workshop Implementation

Becky Nelson
Katy Buckaloo
Stephanie Shipp

Web Development and Graphics

Ronna Hurd
Leanne Woolley

Module Review and Workshop Implementation

Stephanie Stockman
Brooke Carter
Heather Weir

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Project Manager: Dr. Robert Gabrys, Education Officer

Scientific Review
Special thanks are extended to Dr. David Williams, National Space Science Data Center of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for his review of the content material.

Evaluation Team
Appreciation is extended to the librarians who piloted the materials in their after-school programs.  No small children were harmed in the pilot testing phase.

Ms. Allison Long, Ms. Carolyn Davidson, Ms. Becky Deaton, and Mr. Paul Waak - Haltom City Public Library, Haltom City, Texas

Ms. Tina Hager and Mr. Stephen Thomas - Little Elm Library, Little Elm, Texas

Ms. Cathy Pruett - Marion County Library, Marion, South Carolina


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