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To the Moon and Beyond with NASA's LRO Mission - Other Products
EXPLORE! To the Moon and Beyond with NASA's LRO Mission

Other Products

Moon Globe
Edmund Scientific
A 12 inch diameter model of the Moon with labeled surface features, including American and Russian robotic and manned landing sites. Includes an informational handbook.

Lunar Posters
Images as well as educational posters of the Moon.

Miscellaneous Lunar Stuff
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Posters, mugs, calendars, globes, tee-shirts and more. Go to the AstroShop and search on "Moon."

Native American Star Tales
Storyteller Lynn Moroney enchants children and adults with Native American folk tales and sky lore. This three- audio tape set includes "The Feather Moon" and "Tales of the Sun and Moon" along with seasonal lore revealing how Native Americans viewed the universe around them. To order tapes, contact Lynn Moroney.

10 Native American Story — Science Story Couplets share stories about the workings of our solar system and universe, from lunar phases to seasons to the formation of stars. The stories are told by Native American Story tellers and a Native American Astronaut. Several hands-on activities and resource lists accompany each couplet, to extend the children's engagement in science and literature. SkyTellers, by Lynn Moroney and the Lunar and Planetary Institute, is intended for children ages 5 to 13, but is applicable to all audiences in different learning environments.

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October 19, 2009


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