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Astrobiology poster. NASA/Ames Research Center, EW–2004–07–001–ARC, 2004.
Small and large formats can be found online to be downloaded and printed.

Astrobiology: The Story of Our Search for Life in the Universe graphic novel. NASA Astrobiology Program, Issue 1: NP–2010–09–681–HQ, Issue 2: NP–2011–01–695–HQ, 2010 and 2011.
This graphic novel was commissioned to celebrate 50 years of exobiology and astrobiology research at NASA. Issues 1 –3 are available online.

Astro–Venture Educator’s Guides: Astronomy and Biology. NASA. 2002, 2004.
Astro–Venture is an educational, interactive, multimedia Web environment highlighting NASA careers and astrobiology research in the areas of Astronomy, Geology, Biology and Atmospheric Sciences. Students in grades 5–8 role play NASA occupations and use scientific inquiry, as they search for and design a planet with the necessary characteristics for human habitation.

Biology in Space Bulletin Board Set. NASA, CORE item number 300.1–55AA, 2007.
This bulletin board layout is designed for a 4–foot by 5–foot space and includes a Life: What Is It? Where Is It? How Do We Find It? poster, an Engineering Design Challenge flier, and a Space Shuttle mission STS–118 crew lithograph and patch decal. This bulletin board set is available online from NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE).

Destination Mars: Activity Packet – Lesson 5: Searching for Life on Mars. NASA/Johnson Space Center, 2002.  This lesson from Destination Mars contains four exercises within four activities which have been grouped to encourage students to think about the characteristics of life and about the possibility of looking for life on Mars.

Earth & Mars: As Different as They Are Alike poster. NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, EW–2002–06–009–JPL/02, 2001.  Front and back of the poster can be found online to be downloaded and printed.

Expedition Earth and Beyond feature cards. Blue Marble Matches Image Resources, NASA/Johnson Space Center, 2009.

Exploring Deep–Subsurface Life. Earth Analogues for Possible Life on Mars: Lessons and Activities. Indiana University. 2007.
Exploring Deep–Subsurface Life... Lessons and Activities is a video on DVD and a teacher workbook built around interviews with scientists in laboratories at Michigan State, Princeton, and Indiana University who are working on water and gas samples they collected from deep gold mines in South Africa and the Canadian Arctic. The video supports and compliments the accompanying workbook lessons and activities and offers students and teachers insight into the Indiana–Princeton–Tennessee Astrobiology Initiative (IPTAI) team’s scientific process. Each lesson includes links to the applicable National Education Standards, which are listed at the end of the workbook. Student copies of the lessons are available as Microsoft World documents on a CD included in the package, along with PDF files on DNA sequences and a poster for classroom use.

ExoQuest CD–ROM. NASA, CORE item number 400.1–36A, 2001.
Are we alone in the universe? This multimedia educational product developed at NASA Classroom of the Future™ uses this question as a framework for integrating current research in astrobiology into the grade 7–9 curriculum. This CD–ROM is available online from NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE).

Life on Earth…and Elsewhere? Astrobiology in Your Classroom. NASA, CORE/NAI. 2001.
The hands–on activities in this Educator Resource Guide lay the conceptual groundwork for understanding questions fundamental to the field of astrobiology. They enable students to examine the nature of life, what it requires, its limits, and where it might be found. Through these experiences, students learn important ideas related to the search for extraterrestrial life.

Microbial Life (Educational Resources), NSDL, Montana State University, Marine Biology Laboratory. 2005.
Microbial Life Educational Resources (MLER) is a new digital library of educational resources dedicated to the diversity, ecology, and evolution of the microbial world. It provides an extensive collection of expert information and authentic learning activities for educators and students, including a “Microbial Life in Extreme Environments” module featuring Astrobiology.

Science Fiction with Good Astronomy. Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 2009.
An annotated, topical guide to science fiction novels and stories based on good astronomy and physics ideas. Find the best stories involving black holes, exploring Mars, space travel where Einstein's ideas are used correctly, exploding stars, asteroid impacts, etc. Useful for science teachers and science fiction buffs.

Solar System Exploration Kit. NASA, CORE item number 300.1–63P, 2004.
This kit includes posters, lithographs, bookmarks and other items. This solar system exploration kit is available online from NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE).


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