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Spanish Language Space and Planetary Science Resources

Auroras! Luces Misteriosas en el Cielo
This coloring book for grades K–4 explores auroras and what makes them happen.


Headline News at NASA.  Additional NASA Spanish language sites can be found at:

Cindi En El Espacio–in–comics–2/cindi–in–space–2.html
Spanish version of the Cindi in Space comic book–– the story of the android spacegirl Cindi and her two dogs who explain the purpose of the CINDI instrument as part of the C/NOFS mission and the science involved.

Enciclopedia de Agujeros Negros
The black hole Web site from the University of Texas.

GLOBE Project–and–learning/materials/languages
Elementary through high–school students make local environmental measurements and send their data, via the Internet, to the GLOBE Student Data Archive.

La Exploración de la Magnetosfera Terrestre
Detailed content enables educators to explore the Earth’s magnetosphere. Activities and a plethora of additional resources support classroom learning.

NASA Kids Science News Network in Spanish
These one–minute newsbreaks for elementary students feature children teaching mathematics, science, technology, and facts about NASA. Activities, a glossary, quizzes and resources for each topic are available.

Nuestra Propia Estrella: el Sol
An informative coloring book about the Sun, our very own star, for grades K–4.  An animated version can be found at:

Space Place en Español  
Children ages 5 to 10 will enjoy this interactive exploration of Earth, the solar system, and beyond.  Games, animations, puzzles, activities, and classroom lessons are available.

Spanish Language Astronomy Materials Education Center
The National Optical Astronomy Observatory offers a searchable database of Spanish language educational books, media, and periodicals, broken down by grade level. 

Spitzer – El Telescopio Espacial
Images, news, and information about the Spitzer mission.

Tormentas Solares
Storms from the Sun shares content for high school students and educators, about our dynamic star and how it influences Earth.  Missions and current solar activity are highlighted.

From the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory, this Web site contains the daily Universo radio show, the guide to the solar system, K–12 activities, and more.

Windows on the Universe
This rich Web site shares information about Earth, our solar system, and universe in an accessible and engaging manner on multiple learning levels. Educator resources include lesson plans, supporting content.

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June 12, 2013


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