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Leaving the comfortable confines of Earth is a challenge in and of itself. Engineers take great care in designing rockets that are powerful enough to escape Earth's gravity and crew vehicles, such as capsules, that deliver astronauts safely back to Earth. Space is largely uncharted territory, and unmanned spacecraft are currently mapping many areas of our solar system.¬†When humans are ready to live for periods of time on the Moon or Mars, they will need to recreate all the comforts of Earth in space colonies. In Explore! Beyond Earth, the children are the engineers who face these challenges! The children launch Alka-Seltzer rockets in Rocket Launch and Heavy Rockets, and they create and build capsules designed to each carry an egg in Egg-stronaut Drop. Children probe new worlds in Strange New Planet. In Build a Colony, their imaginations soar as they design and build miniature colonies in teams.  Delve deeper into the challenges astronauts face while living and working in space through Explore! Health in Space module. The activities are suitable for children ages 8–13 unless otherwise noted in the "Activities" section. Discover links to additional games, activities, and information in the "Resources" section.

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October 9, 2009