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The New Solar System:  An Epic Adventure, Joseph Campanella, Finley-Holiday Films, 1995, ASIN 6303386652
A tour of the solar system, using computer-generated graphics and actual photographs from NASA and other sources.

Standard Deviants — El Sistema Solar (The Solar System), Cerebellum Corporation, 2002, ASIN B00007G225
The Standard Deviants tour the solar system, exploring the different planets. Children and adults will be engaged in this adventure.

Our Solar System, International Video Corporation, 1999, ASIN B00000INDL

Our Solar System, 1998, ASIN B00004SC1G
Explore the wonders of the planets in our solar system.

Quest for Planet Mars, Patrick Stewart, WQED/Pittsburgh, 1992, ASIN 6303084346
Explore the possibilities on a fascinating voyage to Earth's neighbor Mars, the “Red Planet.”

Blue Planet:  An Imax Space Film... about Earth, Graeme Ferguson, Imax Space Technology, 1990, ASIN B00005BCOS
Blue Planet reveals the forces affecting the Earth's ecological balance:  hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes, and, ultimately, humankind.

Venus:  2nd Planet, Timeless Media, 1994, ASIN 6303307817
Explore Earth's sister planet, Venus.

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