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Facilitator Resources

Downloadable Guide

The Facilitator's Resources packet supports all of the activities and includes:

  • Facilitator background information
  • Be a Science Guide!, which is intended to assist you in sharing the joy of exploration and discovery with young audiences
  • Resource lists, including suggested books, videos, websites, and more!
  • Shopping list
  • Contact information
  • STAR_Net project overview
  • Credits and acknowledgements

Archived Online Resources

The Explore program team offered online trainings on this module; access the recorded versions through the links below.  They are intended to provide background information for program providers, and not to be used directly in youth programs.

Providing Children with a Global Perspective through Hands-on Earth Science Activities, recorded April 25, 2013
Discover Earth (for ages 5-9) Slides (1.5 MB Adobe PDF File)
Topics covered:

Earth Science through Food, Games, and Art:  Library Programming Ideas for Tweens and Teens, recorded May 7, 2013
Discover Earth (for ages 10 and up) Slides (3 MB Adobe PDF File)
Topics covered:

Sustainability and Climate Change:  What is our role?  What is our responsibility?, recorded May 7, 2013
Climate Change Slides (4.5 MB PowerPoint File)
Dr. Jim White, University of Colorado, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)

STAR_Net Online Community

Librarians, scientists, engineers, educators, museum staff, and others are invited to join the STAR_Net online community! The website fosters collaboration among professionals who want to provide or support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning experiences in libraries. The STAR_Net project team hopes you find the following activity useful. Please join the online community and share your experiences implementing it with your colleagues.

For more information about the STAR_Net project, please contact:

Lisa Curtis
Projects and Exhibits Manager
National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute
Boulder, CO
(720) 974-5821


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August 15, 2014