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Discover our most precious resource — water — in its frozen form through three suites of activities: All About Ice, Ice in the Solar System, and Ice on Earth. The All About Ice suite of activities sets the stage for exploring ice on Earth and across the Solar System. Through hands-on experiences, children observe various properties of ice, such as its appearance to the various senses, melting point, and density. They apply its observed properties to what they know about glaciers and icebergs and use their new knowledge to make ice cream! Ice in the Solar System activities investigate different types of ices, discover on what planets and moons they exist, and learn about the scientists exploring these ice worlds. Ice on Earth activities investigate where ice is on Earth, how important ice is to our planet's climate, what changes in polar ice could mean for our future, and, finally, what children and their families can do to help mitigate those changes. These explorations were developed in honor of a scientific celebration of Earth's polar regions, The International Polar Year (IPY) of 2007–9. The activities are suitable for children ages 8–13 unless otherwise noted in the "activities" section. Discover links to additional games, activities, and information in the "further resources" section.

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September 28, 2009