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Explore! Mars Inside and Out!

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There's more to the Red Planet than its distinctive coloring! Discover the tallest volcano and deepest valley in the Solar System; take an inside look at the planet's interior; and compare Mars to Earth. Children are introduced to Mars in Next Stop: Mars! through books and possibly a drawing or model of the landscape. The Scratching the Surface suite of activities explore the features of Mars and Earth and model the formation of key features such as channels, volcanoes, and impact craters. Inside Mars activities compare Martian volcanos to those found on Earth, and they explore how volcanos help us understand the interior of Mars and its history. Mind over Mars is a board game that assess and reinforces students' understanding of what they have learned. Children record their observations and findings throughout the activities in a Mars: Inside and Out! journal. The activities are suitable for children ages 8–13 unless otherwise noted in the "activities" section. Discover links to additional games, activities, and information in the "further resources" section.


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October 1, 2009