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Inside Mars Cooling Planets - Standards

Inside Mars - Cooling Planets

Correlations to National Science Standards

Grades K–4
Science as Inquiry Content Standard A
Abilities Necessary to Do Scientific Inquiry

  • Conduct a simple investigation
  • Employ simple instruments and tools (timers, thermometers) to gather data
  • Use the data to conduct a reasonable explanation

Understanding About Scientific Inquiry

  • Scientists develop explanations using observations (evidence) and what they already know about the world (scientific knowledge). Good explanations are based on evidence from investigations.

Science and Technology Content Standard E
Understanding About Science and Technology

  • People have always had questions about their world. Science is one way of answering questions and explaining the natural world.

Grades 5–8
Science as Inquiry Content Standard A
Abilities Necessary to Do Scientific Inquiry

  • Conduct a scientific investigation
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret data
  • Develop explanations and models using the evidence

Understandings about Scientific Inquiry

  • Scientific explanations emphasize evidence, have logically consistent arguments, and use scientific principles, models, and theories. The scientific community accepts and uses such explanations until displaced by better scientific ones. When such displacement occurs, science advances.

Earth and Space Science Content Standard D
Structure of the Earth System

  • The solid earth is layered with a lithosphere; hot, convecting mantle; and dense, metallic core.

History and Nature of Science Content Standard G
Nature of Science
Science as a Human Endeavor

  • In areas where active research is being pursued and in which there is not a great deal of experimental or observational evidence and understanding, it is normal for scientists to differ with one another about the interpretation of the evidence or theory being considered (for example, the timing of the most recent volcanism on Mars). Different scientists might publish conflicting experimental results or might draw different conclusions from the same data. Ideally, scientists acknowledge such conflict and work towards finding evidence that will resolve their disagreement.


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