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Marvel Moon
EXPLORE! To the Moon and Beyond with NASA's LRO Mission

Welcome to Explore! Marvel Moon

Explore! Marvel Moon will acquaint you NASA's investigations into the ongoing saga that has shaped our Moon. Discover our scientific, cultural, and personal understanding of Earth’s nearest natural neighbor. As the children complete each activity, they collect pages to assemble into their own comic books! Invite your communities to observe the Moon and snap their own photos through Moon over My Town. Children explore the shared history of Earth and the Moon and prepare for further discoveries in the introductory activity Time Travelers. They unravel the Moon's formation in the Making Moon series of activities. In Family Night, children and their families view the Moon at night and, through a series of station activities, view real Moon rocks and model how the Moon's features formed over time. A series of activities explore lunar phases, Earth's seasons and tides while considering the question, What If There Was No Moon? Children put their science skills to the test in the Moon Myths activities, and finally create their own "zine" about the Moon in the concluding activity, My Take on the Moon. The activities are suitable for children ages 8–13 unless otherwise noted in the "activities" section. Discover links to additional games, activities, and information in the "resources" section.

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September 1, 2010