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Introductory Activities
EXPLORE! To the Moon and Beyond with NASA's LRO Mission

Meet the Moon and the Comic Book Star

Moon over My Town
Community members of all ages are invited to contribute photographs — taken with cell phones, film cameras, or more sophisticated equipment  — of the Moon. The images are collected over the course of a month or more and posted in chronological order. The collection forms a library display featuring the Moon's changing appearance in your local sky over the course of a month or more. This community engagement activity can be offered before, during, or after offering Explore! Marvel Moon programs at your site.

Time Travelers
Children, ages 8–13, embark on an exploration of Earth's and the Moon's shared history in this 30– to 45-minute introductory activity for the Explore! Marvel Moon module. They work in groups to determine the order of geologic events — such as the formation of the Moon and when the bright crater of Tycho formed — and arrange images depicting those events in the correct order. The children are introduced to NASA lunar scientists, who are currently investigating the Moon's history, through comic-book style visualizations of their real-life work. Finally, the children share their own histories by drawing, comic-book style, a past connection with the Moon in their own lives.


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May 9, 2011

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