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Several videos are available through NASA's Central Operation of Resources for Educators (NASA CORE). Educators can search the NASA educational products and resources database at A search using the word “rocket” or “flight” produces several products.

History of Space Flight:  Reaching for the Stars, Finley-Holiday Films, 2001, 90-minute DVD for ages 9–18. Follow space travel from rockets of ancient times to Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, the space shuttle, and future missions. Historical images, recent coverage, and computer animations are used to illustrate the history of space exploration.

Liftoff to Learning:  Newton in Space, 1992, 13-minute video for ages 8–11. Astronauts demonstrate Newton's Laws of Motion.

Flight of Apollo 11 (The Eagle Has Landed), 1969, 30-minute video for ages 12–18. The first Moon landing is portrayed from launch to recovery.

Apollo Moon Landing:  Out of This World, Finley-Holiday Films, 2001, 70-minute DVD for ages 9–18. The story of human space flight is presented from President Kennedy's challenge to the Apollo missions.

America In Space — The First 40 Years, Finley-Holiday Films, 1996, 60-minute DVD for ages 12 to adult. This program chronicles America's space history.

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