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Solar System Evolution
Stuart Taylor, Cambridge University, 2001, ISBN 0521641306
Children ages 12 and up learn about how our planets formed and why they are different, as well as about other celestial bodies in the solar system.

Our Solar System
Seymour Simon, William Morrow & Company, 1992, ISBN 0688099920
Children ages 7–11 learn about our solar system, its planets, and the “left over” asteroids.

The Volcano Adventure Guide
Rosaly Lopes, Cambridge University Press, 2005, ISBN 0521554535
Children ages 12 and older learn about the different types of volcanos and how to prepare for a safe visit to a volcano!

Volcanic Worlds:  Exploring the Solar System's Volcanoes
Rosaly Lopes and Sally Ride, Springer-Verlay, 2004, ISBN 3540004319
Children ages 11 and older explore volcanic activity throughout our solar system.

Seymour Simon, Harper Trophy, 1995, ISBN 0688140297
This book for ages 4–8 describes the history, nature, and causes of volcanos.

Plate Tectonics
Kevin Cuff, Ian Carmichael and Carolyn Willard, LHS GEMS Publishing, 2001, ISBN 0924886609
Children ages 12 and older investigate the theory of plate tectonics by building models of erupting volcanos, faults, and deep-sea volcanos.

Our Patchwork Planet:  The Story of Plate Tectonics
Helen Sattler, Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, 1995, ISBN 0688093132
A good overview of plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanos for ages 9–13.

Plate Tectonics
Linda George, KidHaven Press, 2002, ISBN 0737714050
Overview of plate tectonics and the resultant geologic features and events for ages 10–14.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Susan Van Rose, DK Publishing, 1992, ISBN 0756607353
Children ages 9–12 explore volcanos and earthquakes.

How Mountains are Made
Kathy Zoehfeld, Harper Trophy, 1995, ISBN 0064451283
This book for ages 4–8 begins the exploration of Earth's processes, including mountain building, erosion, and volcanos.

Shaping the Earth:  Erosion
Sandra Downs, 21st Century Books, 2000, ISBN 0761314148
Children ages 10 and older learn the details about the processes of erosion and deposition and how they shape the surface of Earth.

Cherie Winner, Carolrhoda Books, 1999, ISBN 1575052237
Children ages 9–12 explore how wind, water, and glaciers sculpt Earth's surface.

Did Comets Kill the Dinosaurs?
Isaac Asimov, Gareth Stevens, 1988, ISBN 1555323472
Asimov explores asteroids, comets, and meteor showers and the relationship of cosmic happenings to the extinction of the dinosaurs for ages 7–10.

Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors
Gregory Vogt, Millbrook Press, 1996, ISBN 1562946013
The origin and composition of asteroids, comets, and meteors and their “impact” on Earth's history are investigated in this book for ages 4–8.

Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids
Seymour Simon, Harper Trophy, 1998, ISBN 0688158439
Children ages 8–10 learn about comets, meteors, and asteroids.

Venus:  Magellan Explores Our Twin Planet
Franklyn Branley, HarperCollins Children's Books, 1994, ISBN 0060203846
Children ages 12–14 learn about Venus through the information and images returned by the Magellan spacecraft.

Earth's Twin:  The Planet Venus
Isaac Asimov, Gareth Stevens, 1996, ISBN 0836812336
Children ages 4–8 learn about the features of Venus.

Gregory Voght, Millbrook Press, 1994, ISBN 156294391X
Children ages 9–12 investigate the planet Venus and its volcanos.

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