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Volcano:  Nature's Inferno, William Kronick, National Geographic, 1990, ASIN 0792252012
Explore active volcanos and meet the scientists who study them.

Eyewitness — Volcano, DK Publishing, 1996, ASIN 6304165323
Volcanos and their role in Earth's processes are explored, with reference to their impacts on humans.

Volcano's Deadly Warning, NOVA, WGBH Studio, 2002, ASIN B00006HB53
Scientists share their current understanding of volcanos and discuss prediction of volcanic eruptions.

Exotic Terrane:  Plate Tectonics, Doug Prose, 2000, ASIN 1552412040
Learn about how Earth's plates move and the processes that change the surface of our planet from the scientists who study them.

Weathering and Erosion, 100% Educational Studios, ASIN B00006JMTD
Investigate how weathering and erosion sculpt Earth's surface.

The Magic School Bus:  Out of This World, Scholastic Publications, Inc., 1997, ASIN 1568327781
Children ages 4–10 will enjoy this romp through space as they learn about comets, meteors, and asteroids.

Comets and Meteors, Bill Nye, Walt Disney Productions, 1997, ASIN B0007D9TWO
Children ages 10–14 join Bill to investigate comets and meteors.

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