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Terrestrial Volcanoes
Information, imagery, videos, and related links about volcanos for the young adult to adult.

NASA satellite images of volcanos.

Cascades Volcano Observatory
U.S. Geological Survey site for the volcano observatory in the Cascades. The site includes current activity of the volcanos, images, general information, activities, and links to other volcano observatories.

Volcanoes:  Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?
Overview of volcanic eruptions for ages 11–15, with connections to humans and interactives to help build understanding of the processes.

American Museum of Natural History
Daily tracking of volcanic eruptions for ages 12 and older.

Volcano World
Current and general volcano information, images, activities and resources designed for ages 10–14. Topics include human and volcano interactions, and geologic and ecologic impact of volcanos.

Exploring Earth Hazards
U.S. Geological Survey's Earth Science Learning Lab includes volcano activities for ages 11 and up.

Paleomap Project
Young adults and older children can explore models of past tectonic plate positions through geologic time — and into the future. What did the world look like before the Atlantic Ocean opened up? Beautiful map and globe illustrations.

Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker
Overview of plate tectonics and the history of the theory for ages 11–14.

Virtual Earthquake
Children ages 12 and up interpret information from a virtual earthquake. They read seismograms, locate the epicenter, determine the magnitude, and receive a certificate for their efforts. Good background information.

Earthquake Hazards Program — Northern California
U.S. Geological Survey's earthquake hazards site.

Earthquake News
News reports of earthquakes across the globe.

PBS's Savage Earth
Contains information and animations of faults and earthquakes for ages 11–14.

Terrestrial Impact Craters
Site for general information on impact craters and related vocabulary. Ages 10 and up.

Earth Impact Database
Offers crater diameter, age, and location information.

Terrestrial Impact Craters and Their Environmental Effects
The Lunar and Planetary Laboratory's educational pages about impacts and their environmental effects. Includes information about Shoemaker-Levy's encounter with Jupiter! Also includes images, educational resources, and an interactive map of craters.

NASA's exploration of impacts and processes for ages 11–18.

Lunar and Planetary Institute Slide Sets
Dozens of impact images in assorted slide sets, including terrestrial craters, impact craters on Mars, and a tour of the solar system. Easily imported into PowerPoint.

Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter
Images and information from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory about Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9. Includes Newsflash documents.

ASU Mars Education Program
Information about Earth and Mars surface features.

Magellan Images
This site from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory contains Magellan images of volcanos and craters on Venus.

Views of the Solar System
A collection of images of craters, volcanos, and faults found in our solar system.

Planetary Photojournal
Some of NASA's best images from solar system missions. Collection can be searched by planet or by feature.

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