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Explore! Jupiter's Family Secrets was developed through a generous grant from NASA's Science Mission Directorate.

Jupiter's Family Secrets is a special Explore! module. It is connected directly to a current and exciting NASA mission — the Juno mission — that will explore Jupiter. Jupiter's Family Secrets was developed through a collaboration between the Lunar and Planetary Institute's (LPI) Department of Education and Public Outreach and the Juno Education and Public Outreach team and Juno scientists and engineers.

Lunar and Planetary Institute Development Team

Module Development and Workshop Implementation
Yolanda Ballard–Zimmermann
Katy Buckaloo
Keliann LaConte
Andrew Shaner
Christine Shupla

Web Development and Graphics
Ronna Hurd
Leanne Woolley

Content and Education Review

Dr. Stephen Levin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
Dr. Paul Steffes, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia
Dr. Emily A. CoBabe-Ammann, Emily A. CoBabe & Associates, Inc., Boulder, Colorado
Erin Wood, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Boulder, Colorado
Don Boonstra, Sustainability Schools Consulting, LLC, Houston, Texas

Evaluation Team

Appreciation is extended to those who reviewed the materials.

Ms. Mia L. Buggs, Youth Service Librarian, Wesley Chapel – William C. Brown Branch, Decatur, Georgia

Ms. Bobbee Pennington, Librarian, Youth & Family Services, Bryan & College Station Library System, Bryan, Texas

Ms. Marf Shopmyer, Children's Services Specialist, Greenwood County Library, Greenwood, South Carolina

Ms. Jean Kammer, Librarian, Children's Services, The Hawley Public Library, Hawley, Pennsylvania

Ms. Mary Vaughn, Teacher of Gifted, FishHawk Creek Elementary, Lithia, Florida

Ms. Margaret Perkins, Assistant to the Director, Information Technology Section/NELA, Medway Public Library, Medway, MA and Reference Librarian, Holliston Public Library, Holliston, MA

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Explore! Jupiter's Family Secrets:
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