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Online Multimedia

NASA's JUNO website offers animations of the JUNO mission and Jupiter in the sky. The animations are really cool and appropriate for any age!

Cloud Layers and Red Spot on Jupiter
Watch Jupiter's bands of clouds flow and the Great Red Spot churn in these side-by-side animations.

NASA's Solar System Exploration Jupiter: Gallery
Print or browse this wide selection of images about Jupiter.

National Geographic offers some basic information about Jupiter in an online short movie. Text accompanying the movie provides more detailed information.

Ten-year-old Maryn created a new mnemonic for remembering the planets' — and some dwarf planets' — names: "My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants." The slogan won National Geographic Children's Books Planet Contest and is featured in the online song "11 Planets" by Lisa Loeb.

CICLOPS has several clips of Jupiter's distinct characteristics such as the Red Spot and the White Storm. The clips are great for any age.

Goddard Space Flight Center released "Largest" in September 2009, which is a movie that is viewed on a spherical screen called Science on a Sphere (created by NOAA). This is appropriate for all audiences.

The Kids Know It Network offers online videos for children 8-12 which offers basic information about the planet Jupiter.

Cassini's website has tons of videos and animations for people of all ages.

The interactive Tour of the Solar System provides text and videos about solar system objects.  Appropriate for ages 11 and up.  



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August 8, 2013