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The presentations on this page are those made by NASA scientists and engineers at the Explore training workshops. They are intended to provide background information for program providers, and not to be used directly in youth programs. Be sure to explore the notes sections for additional information and image credits. These external resources are not necessarily 508 compliant.

Juno Mission to Jupiter:  Unlocking the Giant Planet Story (7MB PowerPoint)
NASA's Juno Mission

Jupiter: King of the Planets (6MB PowerPoint)
Unlocking the Giant Planet Story with NASA's Juno Mission
NASA's Juno Mission

The Magnetism of Jupiter: Erupting Volcanoes and Dazzling Auroras (13MB)
Dr. Fran Bagenal, University of Colorado at Boulder

Jupiter Versus the Earth: Composition & Structure (1 MB PowerPoint) 
Dr. Randy Gladstone, Southwest Research Institute

Juno: Changing Views of Solar System Formation (10 MB PowerPoint) 
Dr. Paul G. Steffes, Georgia Institute of Technology

Exploring Jupiter with Radio Waves
Dr. W. S. Kurth, The University of Iowa

NASA's New Horizons Mission (10 MB PowerPoint)
Steve Vernon, The John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab

Explorers "Guide to the Solar System"
This NASA presentation is available to download in PowerPoint format and use in programs. The site also offers a suggested script as well as supporting activities.

Exploring the Giant Magnetosphere of Jupiter (387 MB QuickTime Movie)
Dr. Fran Bagenal, University of Colorado at Boulder





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