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Find interviews with scientists and engineers, as well as animations about, Juno, Jupiter, and our solar system on the Juno YouTube channel.

Wonders of the Solar System, BBC Worldwide, 2010, ASIN:  B003NF97OE
Five episodes combine engaging explanations by physicist Brian Cox and dramatic imagery in discussions of the solar system’s formation, Earth's atmosphere, aurora on Jupiter and Saturn, and more.  

Traveler's Guide to the Planets, National Geographic, 2010, ASIN: B003BI76WS
Six episodes offer stunning tours of the planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus, Pluto and Beyond, Mars, and Venus and Mercury. The brief bonus programs The Sun and The Moon are also included.

The Solar System...A New Look, TMW Media Group, 2008, ASIN 630417019X
Discover the solar system in a different view. A lot of information is provided in this 30–minute video for children 9 to 13.


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March 20, 2012