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EXPLORE! Health in Space


Space Bound! The Initial Engagement
Space Bound!
is a 45 minute kick-off to your space program for children ages 8–13 that sets the stage for  further explorations and activities in Explore! Staying Healthy in Space. As a group, children listen to a story about living and working in space. Through discussion, they identify the challenges astronauts face!

Space Radiation
This suite of activities focuses on the challenges of space radiation to space travelers. Children, individually or as a group, will construct UV Man, and then use him to test radiation on Earth and in space!

  • UV Man!
    Children ages 8–13 construct UV Man! (or woman or dog) and equip him with special radiation detectors to investigate the source of ultraviolet radiation in this 60 minute activity. They explore how we can protect UV Man! — and ourselves! — from being exposed to too much UV radiation.
  • UV Man! In Space
    In this 60 minute activity, children ages 8 to 13 investigate how Earth's atmosphere protects UV Man! — and us! — from harmful ultraviolet radiation.They continue the investigation with UV Man! in space, to determine what will happen to him without the protective blanket of Earth's atmosphere, and create a capsule to protect him.

Space Stations: Living and Working in Space
Space Stations is a collection of 5  short experiences exploring the effects of space travel on the human body. What happens to muscles that do not have to deal with gravity? What happens to your spine in space?  Would you jump higher on the Moon or Earth … and why? In this 60 minute exploration, individuals, pairs, and/or groups of children ages 10–13 take self-guided tours to each of the space stations, conduct their investigations, and complete Spaceports (their passport to space challenges!).

The Astronaut In Me
In the four-part The Astronaut In Me exploration,children ages 8–13 investigate the importance of good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and recreation for astronauts — and themselves!  They discover the healthy choice challenges they have in common. This module requires 120 minutes, but can be divided into parts.

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