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Destiny in Space, Warner Home Video, 1994, ASIN B00005MEPC
Travel alongside the astronauts as they deploy and repair the Hubble Space Telescope, soar above Venus and Mars, and find proof of new planets and the possibility of other life forming around distant stars. IMAX.

The Dream is Alive, Warner Home Video, 1985, ASIN B000058CKH
An introduction to space travel for young and old viewers. IMAX format.

Hail Columbia, Warner Home Video, 1982, ASIN B00005MEPI
A space documentary capturing the shuttle program filmed in the expansive IMAX format.

Mission to MIR, Warner Home Video, 1997, ASIN B00005MEPG
Explore the historic first long-term space station as Russians and Americans together prepare for upcoming missions. IMAX.

Skylab: The Second Manned Mission, Talas Enterprises, ASIN B0002FHQYQ
NASA Video covers the Skylab program.

Skylab: The First 40 Days, Cannata Communications, 1993, ASIN 6302795087
This NASA film depicts the early stages of the Skylab program.

Four Rooms: Earth View Cannata Communications, 1975, ASIN 6302795109
Early NASA film showing Skylab program details.

This is America, Charlie Brown: The NASA Space Station, Paramount Studios, 1988, ASIN 6303451640
Children's video showing the famous Peanuts characters building a replica of a space station and traveling in space for 90 days.

Inside the Space Station, Artesian Entertainment, 2000, ASIN B000053VAM
This 45-minute video will engage older children and young adults in how and why the station is being constructed.

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