Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars, and Beyond

an educator workshop and fieldtrip

Our Own Extreme Environments

If you are interested in any extreme environments listed in the table below, please get in touch with the contact person.

Extreme Environment


New Mexico White Sands, Desert Crust, Possible Hot Springs

Carla Burns


Limestone Caves, Hot, Iron-Rich Soil, TN River

Julie Clift


Desert Crust

Anna Coor


Hot Springs, Deserts, Volcanos, Caves

Mary Fusco


Acid Mine Drainage, Atlantic Coastal Crust (NJ and PA)

Kathy Leber


Southern California Coastal Regions, Desert, Death Valley Thermophiles, Alkalophiles, Halophiles

Laurel Partin


Lake Erie Coast Line

Deb Rinaldo


Gulf Coast Wetlands and Coastlands

Billye Robbins


Limestone Caves, Hot, Iron-Rich Soil, TN River

Melissa Snider


Pitcher Plant Bogs (Soil Only)

Betsy Sullivan


Sonoran Desert

Brenda Wolpa




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