Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars, and Beyond

an educator workshop and fieldtrip


Classroom and Lab Days will take place at the University of Nevada, Reno

Sunday, July 10 - Orientation
6:00 9:00 Warm-Up!

Welcome and Introductions
Overview of Experience
Discussion and Activity - Essentials of Life

Monday, July 11 Classroom and Field Day  
8:00 am Discussion Detecting Life / NASA's Phoenix Mission
11:00 Discussion Geologic and Geochemical Setting for Hypersaline Lakes
12:30 pm Lunch and Pack for Field
1:30 Depart for Field
  Grimes Point
  Carson Sink
Tuesday, July 12 Classroom Day  
8:00 am Field Sample Examination and Discussion
  Classroom Connections Hypersaline Environments
11:30 Lunch and Pack for Field
1:00 pm Classroom Connections Spectrometers
2:00 Discussion - Geochemical and Geological Setting of Mono Lake Area
3:00 Depart for Field
Wednesday, July 13 Field Day  
8:00 am Field Day (Mono Lake and Vicinity)
Thursday, July 14 Field Day  
8:00 am Field Day (Long Valley, Hot Creek, and Yosemite Regions)
Friday, July 15 Classroom Day  
9:00 am Examine Field Samples
1:30 pm Classroom Connections Thermophiles
4:00 Discussion - Sustainability and Adaptability
4:30 Classroom Connections - Planet Habitability
Saturday, July 16 Classroom Day  
8:30 am Classroom Connections Spectrometer
10:30 Discussion Unique Earth
8:30 am Classroom Connections Salinity Experiment Results
12:00 pm Lunch
2:00 Discussion Why Mars? Other Places in Our Solar System?

Classroom Connections

Other Resources and Curriculum ( in Binder )
Take-Away Thoughts

4:45 Wrap-Up and Evaluations
Sunday , July 17 - Departure  
Safe Travels! Go Forth and Live at the Limits!  


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