Participants will

    • Know the different types of volcanos, volcanic constructs, and volcanic features on Earth and understand how they form
    • Relate different volcanos and volcanic constructs to tectonic processes
    • Be able to contrast/compare Earth’s volcanic features with those in our solar system
    • Be able to construct a geologic story based on interpretations drawn from direct observations
    • Be able to bring content and hands-on inquiry based, standards-aligned activities into the classrooms in ways that are appropriate for the grade level being taught
Sunday, July 9
6:00 p.m.

Welcome, Introductions, Overview of Experience
Classroom Connections – Discovering Plate Boundaries

Monday, July 10


Classroom Connections - Discovering Plate Boundaries

9:30 Discussion - Overview of volcanic types, tectonic locations, and features
11:00 Classroom Connections – Volcanos and Relative Dating
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Discussion - Overview of Spectrometry
1:30 Discussion - Oregon Geology; What We’ll See in the Field
3:00 Depart for Bend
Tuesday, July 11


Field exploration in Bend region/volcanic plains geology

Wednesday, July 12


Field exploration of Basin and Range/volcanic plains geology

Thursday, July 13


Field exploration of Crater Lake region – volcanic plains geology

Friday, July 14

Discussion – Revisit Sites

11:00 Team Web page development; interactive discussion with instructors
Working Lunch
3:00 Classroom Connections – Mapping Mars
3:30 Discussion – Planetary Volcanism I
5:00 Classroom Connections – What concepts are appropriate?  How to present?
5:30 Web development continues by teams; instructors available until 7:30
Saturday, July 15
8:30 Classroom Connections – Volcaons and More Volcanos
10:00 Discussion – Planetary Volcanism II
11:30 Classroom Connections – Cooling Planets
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Presentation of team projects (5 minutes each)
2:00 Classroom Connections - Spectrometers
3:30 Classroom Connections – How will this be shared with colleagues?
4:30 Shared reflections on the week
5:00 Evaluation and good byes!
Sunday, July 16

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