The Heat From Within fieldtrip

Team Explorations


Large Basaltic Volcanic Features
Peggy Hussey, Mooreville Middle School, Mississippi
Tamara Porter, DeRenne Middle School. Georgia
Jacqueline Sollers, Carroll County Public Library, Maryland
Susan Wainwright, Novi Meadows School, Michigan

Small Basaltic Volcanic Features
Brian Dempsey, West-Chatham Middle School, Georgia
Trina Knox, Hernderson Middle School, Georgia
Kay Emde
, Heritage Hall, Oklahoma
Charles Randazzo
, Southern Middle School, Pennsylvania

Spatial and Temporal Overview of Volcanos in Central Oregon (STOVCO)
Chris Bronstad, Key Peninsula Middle School, Lake Bay, Washington
Clarissa Cole, Evanston H.S., Evanston, Wyoming
Mike DeNoon, Blue Valley West H.S., Overland Park, Kansas
Al Dorn, Univ. of Nebraska Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Jim Hill, Rainwater Observatory, French Camp, Mississippi
Carol B. Ivers, Foran H. S., Milford, Connecticut

Large Silicic Volcanic Flows
Joyce Cheatham, Pawnee Middle School, Oklahoma
Sharon Densler, Dover Central Middle School, Delaware
Stephanie Hart, Kealing Middle School, Texas
Sherri Jackson, Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico
Duke Johnson, Clark Planetarium, Utah
Debbie Krygiel, Amy Belle Elementary School, Wisconsin
Mary Matthes, Rehoboth Elementary School, Delaware

Small Silicic Volcanic Flows
Melba A. Martin, Ed. D., JPL/NASA Solar System Ambassador, Chinle High School Science Consultant & IEP Facilitator, Arizona
Rick Alm, B. S., ISTA President Elect, Science Chairman, Bonneville High School, Idaho
Charlotte Jennings, M. Ed., Nightingale-Bamford School, New York
Helen Hill, B. A., Rainwater Observatory and Planetarium, French Camp Academy, Mississippi



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