Discovering Plate Boundaries

  Excellent inquiry based activity through which students in upper elementary through college can make observations about the patterns of features on Earth’s surface—and draw conclusions about Earth’s tectonic plates.

Geologic Sequencing of Craters and Channels

  Students apply the laws of stratigraphy to unravel the relative ages of features on Mars.

Making and Mapping Volcano

  After having vinegar/baking soda eruptions, students use Play-Doh to mark where the lava flowed.  In teams they examine the stratigraphy and map the flows.

Highs and Lows, floods and flows Facilitator Guide

Highs and Lows, floods and flows Investigator Guide


Cake Batter Lava

  Students use cake batter to understand how different lavas flow and the structures that are created.

Gelatin Volcanos

  Jell-O is used to explore how lava flows in a volcano.

Smashed Potato Volcanos

  Coming soon to a Web site near you!

Cooling Planets

  Why does Earth have active volcanos and the Moon does not? Students experiment with different sizes of hot water containers to explore which cools first, and what this suggests about planetary history and volcanic activity.

Volcano Jeopardy

  Thursday’s Classroom explores volcanism on Earth and across the solar system with this familiar game.


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