Earth's Extremophiles: Implications for Life in the Solar System



Is it Alive?
Students develop criteria for life and then test their definition by observing three different mixtures.

Human Timeline of Earth Events
Students discuss primary events in the evolution of our Earth and solar system and arrange the events through time along their own human time line.

It's Just Right
Students investigate the temperature tolerance of yeast.

What's Your Limit?
(It's Just Right – Part II)
Students experiment with yeast tolerance under different physical and chemical circumstances.

ALTA Spectrometer
A suite of hand-held spectrometer activities help students understand how reflectance spectra from other planets and moons can inform us about what is on the surface of these bodies — including evidence for life or the conditions for life.

Classroom sets of spectrometers can be used on loan from the Lunar and Planetary Institute on a first-come-first-served basis

Spectrometers also can be purchased directly from Vernier Software and Technology

Extreme Life Card Game
Students examine organisms and conditions of Earth's extreme environments and consider possibility of these conditions / life on other planets

What Makes a World Habitable?
Activity 3 in Life On Earth and Elsewhere
Students ponder which planets and moons in our solar system might be habitable by life.  A plethora of activities can be found in the main resource guide "Life on Earth … and Elsewhere?

Images courtesy of the
National Parks Service