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The Cosmic Exploration presentations will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be followed by a light reception with the opportunity to meet the speaker. The Cosmic Explorations Speaker Series is free; all adults are welcome.


Seminars are held at
The Lunar and Planetary Institute USRA
3600 Bay Area Blvd, Houston


Click here for a pdf map of our location


For more information, please call
281-486-2163 or e-mail


Speakers Bureau

Scientists and staff of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) and the Division of Space Life Sciences (DSLS) are available for presentations to schools, civic groups, and other organizations.


Request a speaker for the Houston region or request a specific
LPI/DSLS Speaker

Upcoming Presentations


Exploring the Solar System Today and Tomorrow

Cosmic Explorations presentations can be viewed
live on the USRA Houston Ustream Channel


NASA's Exploration of Ceres and Pluto: An Update (Recording)

Dr. Paul Schenk, Lunar and Planetary Institute
September 3, 2015

Exploring the Birth of Rocky Planets: The InSight Mission to Mars (Recording)

Dr. Bruce Banerdt, JPL/CalTech

November 5, 2015

OSIRIS-REx: Sample Return from a Primitive Near-Earth Asteroid (Recording)
Dr. Scott Messenger, NASA Johnson Space Center
January 28, 2016


NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter: What’s Inside the Giant Planet?
Dr. Fran Bagenal, University of Colorado-Boulder

April 28, 2016


Mars Science Laboratory Mission Update
Dr. Allan Treiman, Lunar and Planetary Institute

June 2, 2016







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