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Education and Public Outreach


Educator Intern Volunteers

Are you a K12 in- or pre-service educator with a passion for space science and time to spare? (At least with a passion for space science?!)

Are you interested in helping to design and develop exciting hands-on space science materials and programs for the formal and informal educational environment?

Contact us! We have a wide variety of opportunities for educators to become involved in our outreach programs and projects. You could help design classroom activities after school, usher evening public lectures, get involved in Family Saturday events, and more!

Work with the Education Team, find out what new materials are available, meet space scientists, access one of the best planetary libraries and image facilities in the nation, and get energized about space science education!

For more information contact Stephanie Shipp, Manager, Education and Public Outreach, 281-486-2109 or





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March 25, 2004