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Lunar Eclipse 2105
Fun, scientifically accurate story of an eclipse being viewed from our Moon by a young boy. This is a great launch for other lunar eclipse activities.

Hands-On Earth Science Eclipse Scale Model
On a sunny day, using Styrofoam balls, boards, and glue, children ages 815 can head outside to investigate why we have eclipses.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Web Quest
Students search the Internet to collect information on lunar eclipses to build their understanding of the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Students convey their understanding by writing about and illustrating what they learned.

Lunar Eclipse Papercraft Model
Children can cut out a downloadable template and, with careful folding, create a rather intricate model of one of the causes of eclipses. Note that there is the possibility of introducing misconceptions that we should see eclipses every month. Appropriate for children ages 813.

Astronomy Online
Determine your east-west latitude using old lunar-eclipse-based navigational methods. This site was created for the 1997 lunar eclipse, but the math exercises still can be used.

Some Basic Astronomy Demonstrations for Early Elementary Ages from William P. Blair
A description of several classroom activities for investigating lunar phases, Earth-Moon distances, and lunar eclipses.

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