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Sky and Telescope's Solar and Lunar Eclipses Web Page
Find out about upcoming eclipses and how to view and photograph these celestial events. Check out also their page dedicated to the October eclipse ( to get the timing for best viewing across North America, and the sequence of events.

Studyworks Online's Viewing a Lunar Eclipse Page
Solid, nicely illustrated information about lunar eclipses for ages 11–15. Why do they happen? Why don't they happen more often? Why does the Moon turn red? What should you expect to see during an eclipse?'s Lunar Eclipse Page
Overview of what causes eclipses, observing tips, and eclipse viewing opportunities for young adults and adults.
Explore why we have lunar eclipses and why we DON'T have them every month! Also included are myths from different cultures about why eclipses occur and lots of information about our Moon.'s Top 10 Lunar Eclipse Facts
Lunar eclipses explored through a “top ten” list. Besides eclipse basics, learn a little history and mythology.

Windows to the Universe Lunar Eclipses
Discover why we have eclipses with an overview for visitors from beginner level to advanced.

Earthview's Eclipse Page
A comprehensive resource of educational information about the history, science, and observation of all types of eclipses for young adults and adults.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center's Lunar Eclipse Page
Find the timing of the next lunar eclipse — or any eclipse between now and 2008! This site offers details on when eclipses occur and from where they will be visible. Check out the tips on photographing eclipses, track eclipses from 2000 B.C. to 3000 A.D., and follow the Web links to other eclipse sites.

Nick Strobel's Astronomy Notes
A well-presented, well-illustrated page for those who really want the more advanced details on lunar phases and eclipses.

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