Lunar and Planetary Institute

Galaxies and the Universe
Content Resources for the Pre-Service Educator

SEDS Galaxies
A description of the different classes of galaxies (spiral, elliptical, etc.), what kinds of objects galaxies contain, and when most galaxies were formed.

The Universe Forum
The website for the Structure and Evolution of the Universe Education Forum, sponsored by NASA and based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The site explores three great mysteries of space and time: the Big Bang, black holes and dark energy.

How big is our universe? Booklet
Using photographs and straight-forward concepts, this Web site takes readers out of our solar system, into the realm of the stars, the galaxies, and finally the vast panorama of the observable universe.

Beyond the Solar System: Expanding the Universe in the Classroom
How can teachers and students explore some of the biggest questions about our place in space and time? This professional development DVD is filled with video, print, and online resources for educators of students and adults alike.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website contains images and links to exciting astronomical discoveries and observations. It also includes a searchable directory and glossary of astronomical phenomena.

Amazing Space: Q&A Galaxies
Several Web pages describing galaxy characteristics and classification.

Hidden Lives of Galaxies
Information and activity book, including powerpoint presentation. The information begins with a basic overview of galaxies, but then includes significant detailed information on dark matter.